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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school in El Paso, Texas is organizing a field trip for its 8th grade class of 120 students to visit the University of Texas at El Paso for a campus tour. The school requested a fleet of three 56-passenger charter buses to transport the students, chaperones, and faculty on the 30-minute journey from their campus to the university and back. Since the trip is a one-day local event, the bus company quoted an hourly rate of $95 per bus for 6 hours, totaling $1,710 for the three buses. Additional costs included a $50 parking fee at the university and a suggested 20% gratuity of $342 for the team.

Example #2:

A major tech firm in El Paso, Texas needed transportation for their annual corporate retreat. With over 60 employees attending, they required a full-size charter bus rental for the 3-day event. The first day included picking up employees from the El Paso International Airport and transporting them to a resort an hour outside the city. Over the next two days, the bus provided transportation between the resort and various team-building activities in the area. With a total travel distance of 200 miles and the need for the bus for 3 full days, the rental cost for this multi-day corporate event came to $4,800. This covered the hotel accommodations and all transportation costs!

Example #3:

A high school football team in El Paso, Texas was preparing for their upcoming state championship game in Austin. With 45 players, 6 coaches, and a large amount of equipment to transport, they needed a charter bus rental to get them there comfortably. After contacting a local bus company, they received a quote for a 56-passenger charter bus to take them on the 8-hour trip to Austin and back. The cost for the round-trip transportation was $3,800. To keep costs down, the team booked their bus rental 4 months in advance during the off-peak season. With the total cost split among players and staff, each person only had to pay around $70 for comfortable group transportation to and from their championship game!

Example #4:

A group of 50 high school students in El Paso, Texas planned a day trip to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a hiking excursion. They required a full-sized charter bus with a restroom to transport them comfortably for the 1.5-hour drive each way. With a 5-hour minimum rental period, the quote came to around $800, plus a 20% gratuity. Additional charges included the park entrance fee of $10 per person and any toll roads along the route. To reduce costs, the school booked their bus 6 months in advance during the off-peak winter season.

Example #5:

A bride in El Paso, Texas needed transportation for her wedding party on her special day. The group consisted of 18 people, including the bride and groom. They required a shuttle bus to pick them up from the hotel and transport them to the wedding venue, a local country club about 15 miles away. The bride also wanted the bus to remain on-site during the reception to shuttle guests between the venue and hotel as needed. For this wedding day transportation service spanning 8 hours, the bride was quoted $850. This price accounted for the distance traveled, number of hours required, and the time of year (peak wedding season). To reduce costs, the bride booked the shuttle bus 6 months in advance.

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