Ripe Eatery

Kick things off with this funky little brunch spot that’s all about fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Nestled in the heart of Downtown El Paso, Ripe is a dream come true for the health-conscious foodie with menu standouts like The Mother Clucker (an egg white omelette loaded with roasted veggies and crumbled feta) and the Breakfast Bread Bowl brimming with granola, Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and all-natural peanut butter. Go ahead and splurge on a crispy Belgian waffle or lemon ricotta pancakes—you’ll need that energy for all the culinary adventures ahead!

Address: 300 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: (915) 581-3461

Crave Kitchen and Bar

Crave takes pride in dishing up crave-worthy gourmet comfort food made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Everything from the buttery bread that starts your meal to the cloud-like mini doughnuts for dessert is whipped up in-house with oodles of culinary TLC. Treat your palate to playful yet upscale twists on famously indulgent favorites like Oooey Gooey Butter Cake, Chipotle Pineapple Salmon, and Sweet Cream Corn Tamale Cakes. And please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT miss the Peanut Butter Crunch Burger!

Address: 300 Cincinnati Ave, El Paso, TX 79902

Phone: (915) 433-3065

L&J Cafe

No El Paso culinary tour would be complete without experiencing this iconic TexMex institution! This family-owned gem has been slingin’ sizzling fajitas, bubbling cauldrons of queso, and plates overflowing with enchiladas smothered in tangy ranchera sauce since 1927. The zesty flavors, friendly service, and cozy roadside diner ambiance keep loyal customers coming back for over 90 years and counting. Bonus points: Their margaritas are hands-down the best in the game, with a variety of creative flavored frozens to beat that West Texas heat.

Address: 3622 E Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79903

Phone: (915) 566-8418


Craving contemporary American cuisine with a delightfully SouthWestern twist? Make a beeline for Elemi and prepare for elegant, artfully-plated dishes exploding with bright, bold flavors. This stylish downtown spot is equal parts cozy-modern and vibrant, mirroring the beautifully creative fare emerging from its kitchen. From roasted Brussels sprout nachos to smoked chicken empanadas, herb butter diver scallops to coffee and chipotle-rubbed filet, each bite delivers a burst of spices, herbs, and smoky flair that are unequivocally El Paso.

Address: 313 N Kansas St, El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: (915) 209-3573


A local institution since the 1940s, family-owned Caesario’s has mastered the art of slow-roasting juicy, tender meats to sheer perfection. Tucked away in a cozy downtown nook, this hidden gem is the spot for melt-in-your-mouth tri-tip steak, smoky brisket, and fall-apart pork ribs cooked low and slooooow over fragrant wood chips. Complement your carnivorous feast with classic sides like bacon-cheddar mashed potatoes and spicy smoked wings. It’s gloriously unfussy fare…but man, is it ever delicious.

Address: 4508 Alameda Ave, El Paso, TX 79905

Phone: (915) 594-7665

State Line

How’s this for a one-of-a-kind dining experience? State Line isn’t just the name of this iconic El Paso eatery—it’s smack on the state line separating Texas from New Mexico! As the only restaurant in the world located directly on the border, it’s the prime place to sample flavors and culinary aesthetics borrowed from both states. The menu seamlessly blends classic Tex-Mex plates with Southwestern and Native American-inspired dishes. Start with the kicked-up Diamondback Rattler appetizer before devouring blue corn-battered fish tacos, a cheesy New Mexican sopaipilla stuffed with roasted chile con carne, or a massive cut of Texas Angus beef.

Address: 1222 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX 79922

Phone: (575) 522-5866

Desert Oak Barbecue

Satisfy those carnivorous cravings with the finest smoked meats El Paso has to offer! This family-run joint smokes their mouthwatering brisket, pork, sausages, turkey and ribs over a combo of oak, mesquite and hickory woods with a mastery of technique that’ll have you wondering why you ever bothered with national chains. The meats get simply rubbed with a secret house seasoning mix and smoked until a craveable “bark” forms on the outside while the insides are juicy and pull-apart tender. They do sell pretty fantastic sides like tato tot casserole and Mexican street corn…but let’s be honest, you’re here for the meats.

Address: 1320 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79936

Phone: (915) 203-3459

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